The B20 was driven in 2008 for about 2500 miles, going to a show in Detroit, and also to a Lancia reunion in Pennsylvania. The engine then developed a rod knock, as the babbitt bearings failed, likely to age and delamination. 

The car and engine went to Pittsburgh, where Walt Spak (an old friend and the original 30 year owner of the car) rebuilt the engine. After much research, the bearings (both main and big end) were replaced with thin shells and new conrods were made. New liners were honed and pistons fitted to match their dimension.

Along the way, the engine was line bored, and the crank mildly rebalanced (for the new rods). New SS valves were put in as well, a bit lighter too. The new engine is now happily running sounds great and works very nicely. One of the joys of the earlier 2 liter engine is that they run much cooler - the radiator never seems to get over 165º, and even summer running in the car is more comfortable, as there is only a wee trace of warmth from the engine bay.

B20 2 liter Engine rebuild